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July 2013:

Premier Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver Expands Market Share

Highly successful Vancouver personal injury, ICBC injury claims, drunk/impaired driving and IRP/ADP lawyer – Jamie Butler of Butler & Company – has enjoyed increased business growth and market reach so far this year in 2013.  As the top law firm in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver BC, Butler and Company has assisted a wide variety of clients with many types of legal matters.   These matters range from personal injury and ICBC accident claims cases, automobile accidents, criminal assaults, drunk driving, criminal law matters, ADP (Administrative Driving Prohibition and IRP), and many other types of legal issues.

Jamie Butler has been able to effectively defend his clients in court and has a enviable track record of success in multiple legal areas – a primary reason why clients refer others to him and come to him for any subsequent issues.  Jamie Butler has specialized in taking on difficult and complex cases that other law firms would shun.  To this date, he has never turned away a case to date because it has been too complicated.  During 2013, he has been able to increase his availability and accessibility to new clients through innovative marketing and use of Social Media to great success.

Butler & Company’s current location on West 4th avenue serves the Kitsilano community well and is not far from the University of British Columbia’s campus.

Not only confined to practicing law in Vancouver, Jamie Butler also serves clients from around British Columbia, and regularly travels to many different locations around the province such Kamloops, Cranbrook, Whistler, Kitimat, and many other areas to assist clients with their legal matters.

With his extensive history of successfully defended cases, Jamie Butler is clearly the top choice for a personal injury lawyer and also for situations involving ICBC claims and auto accidents, including impaired driving charges.  In his entire legal career, he has never acted for any insurance company, opting instead to help the ‘little guy’ against the big, often impersonal insurance companies.

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April 2013:

Top Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Celebrates 15 Years in Business In “serving the little guy

Accomplished Vancouver ICBC injury, car accident, criminal law, impaired driving and IRP/ADP lawyer – Jamie Butler of Butler & Company – has recently celebrated a major milestone in the law practice founded in his name.   As of April 1, 2013, Butler & Company, a successful law firm located in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, BC has now been in business for 15 years.   Over that 15 year period Butler & Company has developed a strong track record of serving their clients with such matters as personal injury cases, car accident injuries, slip and falls accidents, public transit or bus accidents,  and including defending those who are accused of criminal infractions such as impaired driving, assaults, sexual assaults, theft, and defending also those who are served by the police with driving infractions such as Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) or Administrative Driving Prohibitions (ADP).

Jamie Butler, with his many years of experience of practicing law, initially started his legal career as a prosecutor at Main Street in Vancouver where he developed a keen interest in criminal law and especially impaired driving matters.  After he left the Crown to head for private practice he became well-known for protecting an accused’s rights under the Charter of Rights and in often creating unique and technical defenses to criminal and impaired driving charges based upon flaws apparent in the cases he took on.    Since their humble beginnings Butler & Company has expanded its horizons to focus on helping those who have been injured in car accidents or by other means to collect millions of dollars from insurance companies as a result of injuries received.   Over time he has increasingly taken on cases that other lawyers and law firms have turned away because of their alleged difficulty and he has gone on to have great success in these such situations.   Butler & Company has to date never turned away a personal injury or criminal case because it has been too complex to handle.

Butler & Company’s original business location was in Vancouver on West 8th Avenue, in a neighborhood referred to as Fairview – beginning its business there in 1998.  In 2007 Butler & Company moved to their current location on West 4th Avenue which is situated not too far from the University of British Columbia’s campus and thus is one of the only exclusive personal injury and criminal firms located in and serving Vancouver’s Westside.

As a highly experienced Vancouver personal injury lawyer, Jamie Butler has also become known in other parts of the Province and thus Butler & Company continues to serve clients from all around British Columbia.  Jamie Butler is a frequent visitor to many different remote locations around the Province to serve and assist his client base.   Some of his clients are as far away as Terrace, Kitimat, Fort St John or Dawson Creek or as far north as Dease Lake, where other clients are closer to home being located in Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Kamloops, or Whistler.

With a vast repertoire of successfully defended cases, Jamie Butler is a strong choice for a personal injury lawyer or for other legal matters that require someone willing to tackle a difficult case where others will not.  He is proud to say that in his entire legal career he has never acted for any insurance company, rather choosing to exclusively help the ‘little guy’ against the big insurance companies.

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