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Welcome to the Butler & Company website which will provide you with helpful information in the areas of PERSONAL INJURY LAW, CRIMINAL LAW and DRIVING PROHIBITION LAW as applied strictly within the Province of British Columbia. As experienced injury lawyers,  we can help you with your ICBC injury settlement matter to ensure you receive fair compensation. Visit our Legal Blog for the most updated articles and current information.

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

Jamie Butler of Butler & Company – a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver that has been focused on providing effective, affordable, and accessible legal services for the “little guy” against the big insurance companies (ICBC) for over 20+ years. While the Government and the insurance companies all have endless funds to spend on lawyers to attempt to crush the ordinary person in court, Jamie Butler is here to level the playing field and has done so very successfully for hundreds of clients with a variety of legal challenges.

Butler & Company’s mission and philosophy is to take on the legal system for the average citizen, whether it’s fighting impaired driving charges and IRP or ADP suspensions, fighting for a fair and equitable settlement against ICBC or other insurance companies for your personal injuries, or for your job back against big employers. It’s Jamie Butler’s job to fight FOR YOU, the regular citizen, the “little guy”.

What makes Butler & Company stand out and give YOU the advantage is a lack of conflict in how we deal with your case. This means we have NO corporate clients, NO Government contracts and we also do not act on behalf of big employers – we specialize in helping regular people achieve justice against what might seem an insurmountable case or stacked odds not in their favor. Jamie Butler is the Vancouver-based injury lawyer who acts on YOUR behalf, like David against Goliath – and his track record in the courtroom means you clearly have a strong fighting chance to get justice for your legal matter.

We price our services so that the “little guy” can actually afford to hire an experienced and competent lawyer and also provide initial free legal advice so you can determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

We understand that it can be daunting when you're faced with legal issues that you've never dealt with before - and on top of that have aggressive adjusters trying to force you back to work and settle for a tiny amount that won't cover you down the road if the effects of your injuries are not truly understood and how this will play out in the long term. This is why you need injury lawyers on your side who understand these matters and makes sure that you are fairly compensated - not only for TODAY, but for the future long after ICBC has closed your file and won't pay for medical treatment when it might be most needed!


Hire us if you want personal and professional service backed with a proven track record of results. We take an interest in every case that we decide (along with the client(s)) to take on. In every case we take the time to educate our clients about their legal matters so that we can make important legal decisions TOGETHER. We are not a law firm that makes important decisions without consulting you first. In fact we want you involved in all the important decisions surrounding your legal matter. We educate you about the law so that you can help us forward your case with a clear understanding of the process and realistic expectations. Call us at 604-318-3838 for a free consultation on your legal issue and we would be happy to hear from you.

We provide services all throughout the Lower Mainland such as in Richmond, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Vancouver, Vancouver Island & ALL other areas in BC as far North as Prince George and even Dease Lake. To find out more about our services, visit our 'Contact Us' page and fill out the form or call us 24 hours a day at 604-318-3838.

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